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Vitamix Fresh Honey Lemonade

The hardest part of making fresh honey lemonade is taking a decent photo of it. So, you would think that since I am, in fact, a photographer that getting a good shot of a drink in a glass should be easy. Tragically, this was not the case. I could’ve broke out the big guns and set up lights and done all kinds of whimsical things to get one shot of lemonade that didn’t look like a horse’s urine sample but, you know, I ain’t got all day. In the end I settled for this:


Now, don’t let my description discourage you. It’s actually really good!

Here’s the recipe:

In the Vitamix assemble the following ingredients in the order they are listed:

Fruit from two whole lemons (peeled)

Two or three big handfuls of ice

At least 3 or 4 tablespoons of honey

Fill with water up to the 3 cup line

Then what?

Securely fasten the lid on the carafe. (very important!)

With the Vitamix set on variable speed, start at 1 and then blast it up to 10 until the whole thing is nice and frothy and there are no more big chunks of ice. NO sugar and a nice blast of Vitamin C! Serve immediately 🙂

8/12/12 UPDATE: Watermelon Honey Lemonade!