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Aromatherapy In The Garden Part 1: Dirt

unlimited potential

The scent of potential

Anyone who has ever tended a garden understands the thrill of the smell of dirt.

It’s hard to explain, because… what does dirt smell like? I don’t know…, it smells like dirt. You know it when you smell it and the unmistakable scent of fresh dirt stirs something in deep in the collective memory of all people. Cultivating the land, after all, is what gave rise to the greatest of civilizations.

Dirt is alive and full of unlimited possibilities. It is an unbiased creative force that will awaken and call into action the life force sleeping in any seed.

Human consciousness smells like fresh dirt. That’s why it excites us. It is the scent of potential.

Your garden is waiting.

What will you plant?


Garden: Day 1 Future home of growing things