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So, how far do you think you’re gonna make it up that hill?

It’s true, I probably could’ve found a photo that said something nicer on it but, as photos go, this one is quite stellar.

I have a theory that life is an uphill journey. It’s easy at the bottom, when you’re young and resilient, but as we age the road gets a little steeper. The older we get, the steeper the road, and the more our habits come home to roost. The little things we do, or don’t do, every day eventually become the sum total: the condition of our condition, if you will. There’s plenty of people running around at the bottom of the hill, but how many are running around at the top? Hmmmm…..

How far you make it up the hill has everything to do with being prepared for the journey. What do you need to get there, how are you going to do it and, most importantly, why do you want to go? The what is pretty easy. Personal resources like endurance, strength, flexibility, and the will to keep going, that’s what you need. As for the how, that’s pretty easy too. How do we get the resources to survive the journey? By taking care of ourselves, by eating a healthy diet and being physically active. How do we keep going? By putting one foot in front of the other.  But the why, now that’s a whole different issue.

I can help you with the what and the how.  You have to find your own why.  Maybe you want to live to see your kids grow up and get married. Maybe you want to actually enjoy your retirement.  Maybe you’re a fierce army of one who refuses to yield to time, age or anything else.  I can’t tell you what, other than watching the sunrise one more time, is in it for you but, I can tell you what’s in it for me.

Why I write this blog, why I pester everyone I know about getting fit and why I don’t just work out alone in the living room anymore is all for the same reasons.  I realized that I could be for others what a few select people have been for me: a cheerleader, a motivator, a source of self empowerment.  I can think of several key instances in my life where I just assumed, without even trying, that I was not capable of doing something.  I would probably still think that way were it not for someone simply pointing out that my own limiting thoughts were the only thing holding me back.  I probably would’ve quit were it not for someone coming along and telling me to get up and get moving.   We all need a little nudge now and then.

I love to show people that they can do things, even if it’s just something small, like a pushup.  I love to watch the transformation of a new student who is struggling and then suddenly starts to get it.  It is so rewarding to see progress on the yoga mat translate directly into personal power in real life.  If I can help someone awaken to their own personal resources then I’ve done my job.

But there is one more, even bigger, why for me.  I want to be running around at the top of the hill with all of you.