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How to clean makeup brushes

I’ve never been good at being a girly girl.  Hair, makeup, nails, handbags, matching outfits; all of these things are hopelessly confounding to me.  For a long time I knew it was bad to use dirty makeup brushes but didn’t know what to do about it.  I would buy fairly expensive bare minerals brushes, use them until they got gross and then throw them in a drawer and buy new ones.  For the record, you should wash a brush long before it gets visibly gross. Once a week is a good frequency.  Every time you use a makeup brush, oil and bacteria from your skin coat the bristles which in turn become coated with makeup, gradually forming a wonderfully disgusting petri dish crawling with the seeds of disaster.

Here’s what to do about it:

Once a week gather up all the brushes you use everyday.

Using an anti-bacterial hand soap “shampoo” and rinse the brush heads, repeatedly, until there is no sign of either makeup or soap.

Squeeze excess water from brush heads and reform the bristles into the desired shape.

Lay out on a paper towel and allow to dry thoroughly.  *Very Important*  DO NOT use wet or damp makeup brushes to apply makeup.

That’s it!

Your skin thanks you 🙂