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How I Fixed My Skin

This post has nothing to do with PiYo or fitness but has everything to do with self esteem, so therefore I deem it applicable to this blog.

I am 36 years old. My skin is stuck in 7th grade and I’ve always been extremely self conscious about it. You know how it is; you’ve got something important to do, like anything that involves leaving the house, but you want to stay in and hide because of the disastrous surprise that appeared on your face during the night. Yeah, it’s like that.

Acne sucks. It sucks during adolescence and it sucks even worse when it’s accompanied by crow’s feet and grey hair.

Before you say “Why didn’t you go to a dermatologist?” Let me say “Don’t even go there.” I’ve been to many dermatologists. I’ve listened to them, did what they said, suffered through their “treatments” and ended up where? Right in the exact same place, and sometimes in even worse condition than when I started. They would always defend themselves by saying “Well, everyone’s skin is different, we never know what is going to work on who, blah blah blah. Then they would would write me another prescription, take my money and send me on my way. If even one of them had produced any real results, I wouldn’t be writing this.

I don’t want to bore you with 25 years of sad stories so I’ll just cut to the chase. I found something, or rather a combination of things, that worked. In my world, that’s a BIG DEAL.

It’s a somewhat complicated and expensive regimen but, compared to the thousands of dollars I’ve wasted on ineffective products, I’m more than happy to cough up the dough. I know some of you will understand exactly what I mean.

Here it is:


Cleanser Dermalogicia Special Cleansing Gel (no, some other, cheaper brand is not an acceptable substitute)

Toner T.N. Dickenson’s Witch Hazel (other brand probably fine so long as it contains no more than 14% alcohol. Some people complain of the smell, I say get over it)

Treatment Proactiv Step 3 Repairing Lotion with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide (other brand, like Acne Free, ok? NO)

Moisturizer Proactiv Sheer Tint Moisture Spf 15 (if you don’t like the tint, could also use Proactive Oil Free Moisture Spf 15 but, if you need more camouflage, go for the tint!)

Additional Cover/Make up I’ve been using Physician’s Formula Talc Free Mineral Wear Powder, Extra Sensitive For Breakout Prone Skin (if you are using any makeup that contains talc, I don’t care how much it cost, bag it up and throw it out.)


(similar to morning but with a few changes)

Cleanser Dermalogicia Special Cleansing Gel

Toner – alternating nights- Dermalogicia Daily Resurfacer every other night and Witch Hazel on the off nights

Treatment – Proactiv Step 3 Repairing Lotion with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide

Moisturizer – Dermalogicia Active Moist

Eye Care – Dermalogicia Age Reversal Eye Complex

That’s it, rinse and repeat, religiously, every day. It doesn’t work over night, nothing works over night. It works by virtue of calming inflammation, killing Propionibacterium bacteria, gentle exfoliation and by not clogging pores. Skin takes time to heal and to change. You may still have flair ups along the way, but don’t get discouraged and stop. Consistency is the key to success.

Three other important tips:

#1 Don’t touch your face except to wash it. Every time you touch your face, in any capacity, you are spreading some kind of cooties on it.

#2 Change your pillow case frequently because, unless you sleep sitting up, that bacteria laden piece of cloth touches your face all night long.

#3 Don’t slack off when you start to see results. When your skin clears up, that doesn’t mean you’re cured, it means the regimen is working. If you stop or slack off, even for a couple of days, you could lose weeks worth of progress in a very short time.

While it’s true that everyone’s skin is different and responds differently to any given product, I would consider my case to be particularly stubborn and difficult. I’ve stumped many a dermatologist, even frustrating one to the point that she threw her hands up and said “Well, I don’t know what to tell you then.” Needless to say, I sat in my car and cried after that visit and never went back to her again. ( I also told everyone that the degree on her wall was actually a certificate of authentication for a 1982 Western Barbie, but that’s another story)

This regimen is working for me. For the first time in my adult life, I feel good about the appearance of my skin and I want to pay it forward to anyone out there who is going through the same thing.

If a dermatologist has ever made you cry, I feel your pain and I hope this works for you.

20120124-135959.jpgself portrait with iPhone: No makeup, no retouching