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Fuel Leaks

I think one of the biggest challenges of the human condition is to harness and focus all the intellectual energy that is inherent to our nature into something productive.  It’s like we’ve all been given a rocket ship with no explanation or instruction manual.  Some will figure it out and make trips across the universe but the vast majority will mistake it for a toaster oven.  They’ll sit around reheating leftovers and wondering why they can’t get it together to change their lives.

To this end, where and how we spend our time and energy is supremely critical.  Consider that your time, your thoughts, and your energy are all fuel and the goal is to power the ship.  Every time our attention wanders, every time we allow ourselves to get caught up in pointless dramas or spend time fretting over something we have no control over, we lose steam.  Energy leaks out all over the place, slowing us down, dragging us down.  I actually think of it as a subconscious procrastination technique because the more we allow distractions to occupy our time, the less time we have to get down to business.

There’s a conversation that I have with myself all too often.  I say all too often because apparently I am something of a slow study. It goes like this: Q.”Who is the rightful benefactor of all this unlimited potential that I possess?” A. I am.  Q. “so why don’t you act like it?”  A. ummmmm

That’s right. You are the most important person on team you.  You cannot give to another what you do not possess within yourself.  You cannot fix within another something that is broken within yourself.  Look around and see where all that energy is going.  What is your human potential doing and is it befitting the being that you are?  Is it? 

What if you plugged up all those leaks where energy is spewing out in copious amounts but delivering nothing in return?  What if you reigned all that in and used it for only one thing; to improve the world for yourself and thereby for the people around you?  What if you did that?  Answer: buckle up, cuz this shit is about to get real.

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All in your head

A few years ago I received a panicked phone call from a friend of mine. I had just sat down to lunch but she was so distraught that I left my plate on the table and went to her house. Without divulging her personal details, I’ll just say that she had uncovered some information that had rocked her world in an unpleasant manner.

A lot of things went down that day but there is one thing that sticks in my head. She asked me “how could I have been so stupid?” I said to her “You weren’t stupid. You made the best decision you could based on the information you had. None of this is your fault but, now that you have different information, what happens next is on you.”

Over the next 6 months she completely transformed her life which, unfortunately for me, meant that she moved all the way across the country but the important thing is that she is living her vision. I would like to take credit for her success but I say things like that to people all the time and most of them tell me that I’m full of shit or that I don’t understand, and some even go so far as to accuse me of being un-empathetic.

All I did was point something out, but she did all the work, despite having numerous good excuses to sit around and feel sorry for herself. She took her new information and ran with it.

And now we get to the point.

There’s a funny thing about the human subconscious, it does whatever it’s told.

Your belief system determines your reality.

With regard to fitness, I can preach diet and exercise all day long but it doesn’t necessarily change anything because people hear the message and say “yeah, but I can’t do that”. Fast food and lethargy are not nearly as dangerous as “I can’t”.

On this day of new beginnings, if you find yourself thinking “I can’t”, don’t let it go unchallenged. Ask yourself “Really? Why not?”, and I bet you’ll find that actually you can. You can eat better, you can find time to exercise, you can step up and make a difference by starting with yourself. Ideas are contagious and when you adopt the idea that you can, other people will see that they can too. Be the change you want to see.