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Professional Development

This is true in all professions: sometimes we get so busy working that we don’t make time for learning. It’s vital to remember that your current skill set can only take you so far and learning is an essential key to moving forward. Next month I’m taking advantage of two excellent opportunities for professional development.

September 9, 2012:

PiYo Instructor/Pro Training and Workshop

Together Strong in Santa Fe, NM

Click here for details

September 25, 2012

Power Yoga workshop with Bryan Kest

Yoga Junction in Louisville, CO

Click here for details

This train is just getting started!


Minor changes

Have you ever been sitting at Starbucks, nursing a grande soy mocha latte and feeling frustrated about your income? You know the thoughts: If I could just make a little bit more money, I would have so much more freedom and be so much happier. Rich people suck and my life is so unfair, boo hoo….  Hold that thought.

Yesterday Rick and I ate lunch in Old Town.  As we were walking back to the car Rick says, “I want ice cream”, so we made a detour to the ice cream shop which was conveniently located right by our car.  I was perusing the flavors and deciding what I wanted when Rick says “Unless you’re really set on this, I’ve changed my mind.”  I wasn’t really set on it so we left.  On the way back to the car I asked him what happened.  “It just seems silly to pay almost $4 for one scoop of ice cream when pints of Ben and Jerry’s are on sale for $3.99 at Albertson’s”, he said.  Hard to argue with that.

I use the coffee analogy all the time.  For the cost of two drinks at Starbucks you could buy enough coffee beans and Hershey’s syrup to serve mocha latte’s to the whole neighborhood so why spend $9 on only two drinks that don’t even have alcohol in them? Where’s the rationale in that?

The other biggie for me is going out to eat.  Eating out is arguably my most favorite pastime but it makes no sense.  For two people to go out and have a reasonably nice dinner one could realistically expect to spend at least $50, probably more, maybe even a lot more. That’s one dinner, one night; you go home empty handed and wake up hungry again the next day.  How many really great meals could you prepare at home with $50 worth of groceries?

It took me a long time to figure out that I can spend my way through any amount of income.  The answer to having more is not necessarily making more, it’s spending better.  Past a certain point, financial freedom is not contingent on income, it’s contingent on how the income serves you.

You might be wondering what frivolous spending has to do with fitness or PiYo.  Well, what it really has to do with is priorities.  How do you allocate your resources so as to provide yourself with freedom and happiness instead of being enslaved by debt and ego?  I can only speak for myself but I don’t want to work 16 hours a day just to pay the bills so one day I can drop dead from exhaustion.  To me, health and fitness falls under the heading of freedom and happiness so I continuously look for ways to make these things work together.

The number one reason people site for not working out is a perceived lack of time and the number two reason is a perceived lack of money.  Why don’t people have time? Usually because of work and why do they work so much? Because of money.  This is the cover story but in many cases it is simply not true because untold dollars and hours are being wasted every day.  It’s easy to say “I’m too busy to work out” but yet there seems to be plenty of time for watching TV or surfing the internet.  Easy to say I can’t afford a gym membership or home workout dvd’s but where is that money going instead?

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not criticizing anyone for going out eat or spending time on facebook but I am only pointing out that many times the things we think are missing in our lives, like time and money, are not missing at all. We have both of them in abundance but fail to capitalize on what is already available. We allow resources to slide through our fingers instead of using them to better ourselves.

My great uncle recently died at the age of 91.  My cousin, who is a well known baptist minister in Arkansas, flew out to preside over the ceremony.  He said a lot of stuff, most of which went right in one ear and out the other, but he said one thing that just may have changed my life.  He said “No one has any more time than anyone else.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it’s what you do with that time that will set you apart.”

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Sight reading

It seems that, lately, I’ve been writing a lot of posts that I don’t finish because they’re just not good.  My attempts at being educational or philosophical come off sounding like a coin-op genie and I think only a pompous ass would post such an ill thought out monologue of nonsense.  It’s not that trying to relate fitness or PiYo related things to real-life, off-the-mat scenarios is wrong or anything, it’s just that I haven’t been very good at it and it makes me feel self conscious. Or maybe it’s because I’m avoiding what’s really on my mind and that’s this: I’m split between two worlds and the other one feels like it’s slipping away.

When a musician plays through a written piece of music for the first time, it’s called sight reading.  A player’s ability to read and respond to written ques is a valuable, time saving commodity.

Life is all about recognition and response, sight reading, if you will.

Things change from one moment to the next, our selective focus will see this, but not that, and we will call it reality. The ground shakes and we try to keep our balance but sometimes when this happens the object of our focus shifts.  A closing door often looks like the end and the knee jerk reaction is to keep trying to open it back up, to avoid failure, to avoid loss.  Precious time is wasted standing in front of a closed door, staring at a closed door, praying to a closed door, pounding on a closed door and never once looking around to see what else there is.  There’s open doors everywhere, so why sit in front of the closed one?

Any endeavor will present challenges to be overcome and, in accordance with the laws of nature, only the strongest and most determined will survive.  I’m not suggesting that you give up on something because it becomes difficult but I’m asking you to consider the possibility that sometimes doors open and close for a reason.  You may have worked very hard to build a house only to discover that you don’t like living in it or that it doesn’t fit you anymore and it is so easy to believe that you are the house, the project, the business, the object of your creation, when in fact you are none of these things.  Suck on that for awhile; you are not your job.

Buddhists say that the cause of all suffering is attachment and most of us think this means attachment to things or  people but ultimately it is the attachment to ideas.  We hold ideas about our things, our friends, love, and our relative position in society but it is all a house of mirrors, showing us facets of ourselves and nothing more. This is why we defend ideas so fiercely because we are actually defending ourselves.  But here it is again, you are not your job, you are not your possessions and you are not your relationships.  All of these things are transitory, all can be taken away or leave of their own accord.

Should you feel like you’ve woken up in a hotel room, full of things that you own, yet unfamiliar and distressing,  I suggest that you stop working harder and take a look around.  It’s ok to change directions if you’re going the wrong way.

Interpret how you will.

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All in your head

A few years ago I received a panicked phone call from a friend of mine. I had just sat down to lunch but she was so distraught that I left my plate on the table and went to her house. Without divulging her personal details, I’ll just say that she had uncovered some information that had rocked her world in an unpleasant manner.

A lot of things went down that day but there is one thing that sticks in my head. She asked me “how could I have been so stupid?” I said to her “You weren’t stupid. You made the best decision you could based on the information you had. None of this is your fault but, now that you have different information, what happens next is on you.”

Over the next 6 months she completely transformed her life which, unfortunately for me, meant that she moved all the way across the country but the important thing is that she is living her vision. I would like to take credit for her success but I say things like that to people all the time and most of them tell me that I’m full of shit or that I don’t understand, and some even go so far as to accuse me of being un-empathetic.

All I did was point something out, but she did all the work, despite having numerous good excuses to sit around and feel sorry for herself. She took her new information and ran with it.

And now we get to the point.

There’s a funny thing about the human subconscious, it does whatever it’s told.

Your belief system determines your reality.

With regard to fitness, I can preach diet and exercise all day long but it doesn’t necessarily change anything because people hear the message and say “yeah, but I can’t do that”. Fast food and lethargy are not nearly as dangerous as “I can’t”.

On this day of new beginnings, if you find yourself thinking “I can’t”, don’t let it go unchallenged. Ask yourself “Really? Why not?”, and I bet you’ll find that actually you can. You can eat better, you can find time to exercise, you can step up and make a difference by starting with yourself. Ideas are contagious and when you adopt the idea that you can, other people will see that they can too. Be the change you want to see.



So, how far do you think you’re gonna make it up that hill?

It’s true, I probably could’ve found a photo that said something nicer on it but, as photos go, this one is quite stellar.

I have a theory that life is an uphill journey. It’s easy at the bottom, when you’re young and resilient, but as we age the road gets a little steeper. The older we get, the steeper the road, and the more our habits come home to roost. The little things we do, or don’t do, every day eventually become the sum total: the condition of our condition, if you will. There’s plenty of people running around at the bottom of the hill, but how many are running around at the top? Hmmmm…..

How far you make it up the hill has everything to do with being prepared for the journey. What do you need to get there, how are you going to do it and, most importantly, why do you want to go? The what is pretty easy. Personal resources like endurance, strength, flexibility, and the will to keep going, that’s what you need. As for the how, that’s pretty easy too. How do we get the resources to survive the journey? By taking care of ourselves, by eating a healthy diet and being physically active. How do we keep going? By putting one foot in front of the other.  But the why, now that’s a whole different issue.

I can help you with the what and the how.  You have to find your own why.  Maybe you want to live to see your kids grow up and get married. Maybe you want to actually enjoy your retirement.  Maybe you’re a fierce army of one who refuses to yield to time, age or anything else.  I can’t tell you what, other than watching the sunrise one more time, is in it for you but, I can tell you what’s in it for me.

Why I write this blog, why I pester everyone I know about getting fit and why I don’t just work out alone in the living room anymore is all for the same reasons.  I realized that I could be for others what a few select people have been for me: a cheerleader, a motivator, a source of self empowerment.  I can think of several key instances in my life where I just assumed, without even trying, that I was not capable of doing something.  I would probably still think that way were it not for someone simply pointing out that my own limiting thoughts were the only thing holding me back.  I probably would’ve quit were it not for someone coming along and telling me to get up and get moving.   We all need a little nudge now and then.

I love to show people that they can do things, even if it’s just something small, like a pushup.  I love to watch the transformation of a new student who is struggling and then suddenly starts to get it.  It is so rewarding to see progress on the yoga mat translate directly into personal power in real life.  If I can help someone awaken to their own personal resources then I’ve done my job.

But there is one more, even bigger, why for me.  I want to be running around at the top of the hill with all of you.

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Fall off the wagon?

Let me give you a hand up.

So, let me guess; you finally got it together to exercise. You had a good thing going, were starting to see results and then you got sick, busy, depressed, etc., let the whole thing go and now you’re discouraged and mad at yourself?  Yep, I’ve been there.

I began my journey into fitness almost ten years ago.  I’ve fallen off the wagon many times. The good news is that I’ve learned some things along the way.

The solution is very simple and it’s all to do with your thinking.

When you beat yourself up and indulge in negative thinking, you push your goal farther away, so don’t do it.  Don’t tell yourself that you’re a failure and don’t listen to your own excuses.  If you hear your brain saying things like “I’m tired, I’m sick, I’m busy, this workout is too hard”, take control of the situation and tell those voices to shut up.  I’m serious, tell that naysayer to put a lid on it.  That voice is fear and what it’s really saying is “if you don’t try,  no one will see you fail”.  That is probably the single most damaging thing you could say to yourself.

What to do instead? Get up off that couch, change into your workout clothes and start again.  It doesn’t matter if you have to go a little slower, lift a little less, not push quite as hard as you once did.  What matters is that you get up and do the workout.  When it’s over, pat yourself on the back.  Learn to be your own source of positive reinforcement.

Let’s not over complicate things.  It really is that simple.

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Look HOT in your wedding dress!

Being both a wedding photographer and a fitness coach, the one question I hear more than any other is: What can I do to look great in my wedding dress?
Most women have three main areas of concern, they are: Arms, Abs and Thighs.  I will teach you to work out in a way that specifically targets all of these areas.  You don’t need weights, fancy clothes, expensive shoes or any gym equipment.  All you need is a yoga mat and a commitment to improve your health and physical condition!

What is it?

PiYo is all about strength training and core conditioning for people who want to sweat their way to sculpted abdominals, toned arms, increased core strength and greater stability!

It’s the perfect fusion of strength building, rhythmic movement and power with a foundation in Pilates and yoga. You will burn calories while transforming your body.

PiYo includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced, so either way, you will get results!  Participants can expect a dynamic class structured around powerful movements, strength and flexibility training, and all in an upbeat positive atmosphere with high energy music.