DeAnna Dimmitt Mind Body Fitness

About Me

I could tell you a bunch of things about myself that are not terribly relevant but I think I’m going to skip that for now and instead I’m going to invite you to join the story, the story of us – the story of all of us.  On the surface I teach fitness, but what I really teach is empowerment. I can help you tap into and utilize the power that you already have.  I can help you learn to use your body in a way that builds it up and never tears it down, never blows out your knees, never compromises the functionality of the kinetic chain.  I can help you learn to move with confidence while we tone up, slim down and get sculpted in the process.  If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for something, looking for a change, looking for an improvement, looking for someone who is looking for you.  So take that first step, contact me or come to a class. Join the story.

Current Certifications:

ACE Fitness – Certified Personal Trainer specializing in mind body fitness

TaijiFit Instructor Training (David-Dorian Ross) – Certified Instructor in TaijiFit Flow and TaijiFit Strength

Powder Blue Productions – PiYo Instructor Gold Ranking

Action CPR – Heartsaver CPR/AED

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