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Fuel Leaks

I think one of the biggest challenges of the human condition is to harness and focus all the intellectual energy that is inherent to our nature into something productive.  It’s like we’ve all been given a rocket ship with no explanation or instruction manual.  Some will figure it out and make trips across the universe but the vast majority will mistake it for a toaster oven.  They’ll sit around reheating leftovers and wondering why they can’t get it together to change their lives.

To this end, where and how we spend our time and energy is supremely critical.  Consider that your time, your thoughts, and your energy are all fuel and the goal is to power the ship.  Every time our attention wanders, every time we allow ourselves to get caught up in pointless dramas or spend time fretting over something we have no control over, we lose steam.  Energy leaks out all over the place, slowing us down, dragging us down.  I actually think of it as a subconscious procrastination technique because the more we allow distractions to occupy our time, the less time we have to get down to business.

There’s a conversation that I have with myself all too often.  I say all too often because apparently I am something of a slow study. It goes like this: Q.”Who is the rightful benefactor of all this unlimited potential that I possess?” A. I am.  Q. “so why don’t you act like it?”  A. ummmmm

That’s right. You are the most important person on team you.  You cannot give to another what you do not possess within yourself.  You cannot fix within another something that is broken within yourself.  Look around and see where all that energy is going.  What is your human potential doing and is it befitting the being that you are?  Is it? 

What if you plugged up all those leaks where energy is spewing out in copious amounts but delivering nothing in return?  What if you reigned all that in and used it for only one thing; to improve the world for yourself and thereby for the people around you?  What if you did that?  Answer: buckle up, cuz this shit is about to get real.

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Bending Inertia

“The Last Page” photo by DeAnna Dimmitt, Dry Heat Photography

Let me just remind you that this river of your life, this undertow that keeps you in place and playing by the rules while the seasons change and your face grows old with worry is all a construct of your own making. There is no point to argue this because it has to be, but it’s so easy to forget. One could say that the sun is always shining regardless of how we interpret the weather and the sun is not concerned about this but is waiting patiently to see if we notice. It has to be so because otherwise nothing would happen at all.

There is no Intelligence that has any interest in keeping us confused or in keeping us any way whatsoever. We’ve been given a play book and there it sits, on the coffee table collecting dust, while we fret and wonder why things are the way they are and continue to try harder at playing by the wrong rules.

That’s ok, you can do anything you want and, actually, that’s the point. Similar to the differences between “western” and what most people refer to as “alternative” medicine, one can invest great amounts of energy in treating symptoms or in eliminating causes. Same energy invested but with vastly different results. Act or react, I think you know the difference.

Why doesn’t everyone do the same thing, have the same experience, or even seem to live on the same plane as one another? Because they don’t, in fact, live on the same plane but the only difference from one to the next is an understanding and practical application of the levels and rules of the game. Yeah, that’s right, game. Life’s not a mystery, it’s a very sophisticated game and it will run us like pawns until we remember that it is our game. Notice I use the word, “remember”, because life was never anything else, but again, so easy to forget, so easy to be too afraid to play, so easy to stay caught in the undertow of our own design.

I’m talking to myself as much as anyone. If you can’t figure out where all these obstacles keep coming from, take it up with the boss, look in the mirror. If moving forward frightens you, that fear will throw up every kind of roadblock your infinitely colorful mind can come up with to reinforce the validity of your misconception.

An architect, a real architect, has no need for fear because they understand the rules, or the “rule”, as it were.

Everyday, you create your life.