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Real Time


The other day I was so powerfully motivated to write but had no time. Today I have the time but my mind is a blank slate.

I wanted to talk about resistance and influence and getting out of the way but what did I want to say about these things?

I had knocked over my bookshelves and the anxiety of the world fell in on me. When I regained my equilibrium I wanted to tell you to be mindful, to balance the influence you exert with the influence you absorb. I wanted to say that being a star sheep in anyone’s flock is still being a sheep. I wanted to challenge you to release your affiliations.

Ask me:

What are your religious affiliations?

My answer: God is in the details. Decipher with caution.

Ask me:

What are your political affiliations?

My answer: I think for myself. Once again, decipher with caution.

Ask me:

Who are your friends?

My answer: They know who they are.

I put no stickers on my car.

Like a hummingbird, always on the lookout for predators, I can’t focus when things move in my peripheral vision. Well, there’s nothing moving now so where’s the words?

If you had no emotional attachments, is this the life you would order from a catalog? No? Then why did you select it? Or more accurately, why did you fail to un-select it? You can do that, you know; un-select.

I’m reminded of the old WinRock mall. One could not go there without being harangued by the drone of saws on metal. They thought they were being smart; fixing, fixing, fixing…. Fixing the mall to death. The lesson here is not to keep fixing, the lesson is to jump the tracks.

We’ll not be given time for creation. We’ll be asked to create in real time.

Author: DeAnna Dimmitt

ACE certified Personal Trainer. Yoga Fusion, PiYo, Dynamic Body Sculpt and T'ai Chi instructor.

4 thoughts on “Real Time

  1. Always enjoy your blog! This is very good, as usual. Keep up the good work!

  2. Just right. Knocked over the bookshelf and the anxiety of the world…… so much written in angst, eh?
    Radiant yes, but still a pig. Very good very very good. Real time sometime about time.

  3. “Radiant yes, but still a pig.” I heart you 🙂

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