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Inversion avoidance no more. Katja Lauterstein helps me go upsidedown!


Everyday you have a choice.  Is today the day you confront an obstacle and give yourself more freedom or is today the day you accept the obstacle as a limitation?  Which day is it?

I’ve been avoiding inversions for a long time.  One can get pretty far without ever having to stand on their head. In fact, it seems that most people are perfectly happy to remain right side up so the likelihood of being called out is pretty low. Why do I care?  It’s not like I think that standing on my head is going to fix my broken relationships or end world hunger.  No, probably not.  It’s a personal reason.  I care because I’m afraid of falling on my back.  I’m afraid to fall, knock the wind out of my lungs and lay on the floor gasping for air like a sad fish.  Oh god, what if someone saw that happen? Or worse, what if I couldn’t get up and no one was there?  Best to leave it alone.  That was my brilliant solution.  Just leave it alone. 

Just leave it alone? 


You accept that?

No, not anymore.

I call bullshit,

on myself.

Ok then, so now what? I took inventory of my friends, in search of someone with a more advanced skill set than myself, and that lead me straight to Ms. Katja Lauterstein.   She’s a 500+ hour certified yoga instructor. If anyone can get me going on this, it’s her.  And guess what? In under an hour, with proper instruction, I performed my first ever unassisted headstand!

Next up, hand stand!

This one proved to be exponentially more challenging but at least now I believe that it can be done.

Belief is half the battle.

Author: DeAnna Dimmitt

ACE certified Personal Trainer. Yoga Fusion, PiYo, Dynamic Body Sculpt and T'ai Chi instructor.

4 thoughts on “Inversion avoidance no more. Katja Lauterstein helps me go upsidedown!

  1. You are a fast learner. Since you waited awhile you did what takes some a year in what; an hour?
    That is the coolest.

    • Thanks! Admittedly, I was pretty pleased with myself for being able to get it during this first training session. Now the challenge is to execute consistently. I can make it all the way up with out crashing into the wall maybe 1 in 5 tries. Practice practice practice!

  2. Very cool! I’ve been thinking about going to an inversion workshop that’s being held this month but I’ve been hesitating. This is really encouraging me to just do it. 🙂

    • Well, I think you should definitely go! It wasn’t nearly as scarey as I thought it might be and once you learn the proper techniques you will make rapid progress. Especially if you’ve been doing PiYo for a long time, you should have ample balance and strength so once someone shows you how to direct it, you’ll find it’s very do-able. Good luck!

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