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PiYo: efficiency meets effectiveness


I want to let you in on a little secret: your body is the ultimate piece of gym equipment.  Weight machines, treadmills, cycles, and ellipticals are all nifty, but unnecessary, for getting fit and reshaping the body.   It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of gym equipment and, with the exception of a few hand weights, I use no contraptions in my fitness regime. Most of the time, I don’t even wear shoes.

If you follow any online fitness discussions, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “my soul mate workout”.  I want to explain why PiYo is my soul mate workout.  I’ve been doing this “fitness thing” for over 10 years now.  I enjoyed working out at home so I have multiple bookcases full of home fitness dvds from the likes of Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Rodney Yee, Bryan Kest, etc.  Why so many different workouts?  It was a quest for balance.   I wanted it all:  endurance, crazy strength and wicked flexibility.  But there was a problem, I couldn’t find any one workout that accomplished all of these things.  That was, until I discovered PiYo.  A yoga based, body sculpting, intensive cardio workout that is completely sustainable due to it’s low impact nature.  Now that, my friends, is something of a miracle.

I know that scheduling time to workout can be challenging and I respect the fact that my students entrust this time to me.  Therefore, I am committed to bringing the most effective workout possible to each and every class.   The secret is circuit training utilizing body weight resistance to build functional strength, peripheral heart action to burn maximum calories and all in a format that focuses on balance and flexibility.  Add to that an active recovery process and every minute we spend together is moving you towards your goal.  I will teach you to exercise in a way that produces maximum results, without causing joint damage, and all in your bare feet.  Sound kinda perfect?  I will show you how to use your body to change your body.  No accessories required.

Author: DeAnna Dimmitt

ACE certified Personal Trainer. Yoga Fusion, PiYo, Dynamic Body Sculpt and T'ai Chi instructor.

5 thoughts on “PiYo: efficiency meets effectiveness

  1. Hi! Just came here from your comment on my blog. Love your blog and your description of why PiYo is your soul mate workout is awesome!

  2. I just discovered PiYo yesterday for the first time at a local gym here in Illinois. I am relatively flexible but have terrible balance. Also, I didn’t realize how much strenght training it involved. So, I’d actually liifted weights a little bit right before class-ouch!
    I was unprepared, falling over half of the time, and I still LOVED IT! I can tell this will be a workout that I can seriously benefit from long term. Zumba is fun enough but it’s really just cardio (and I already run!). Why PiYo isn’t as popular, I do not know.
    I was researching today to find information about where PiYo came from, though. Who “invented” it and what does PiYo mean? Any idea where I can find more information about its history?

    • HI there!
      Thank you for your comment! PiYo is the brain child of Chalene Johnson, creator of the infamous Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme workouts that are distributed by Beach Body. Chalene owns another company called Powder Blue Productions and what that company does is train and certify fitness instructors to teach their custom formats: PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle, and Turbo Kick. “PiYo” is an abbreviation for Pilates/Yoga. It is relatively new and still catching on. If you are a runner, I think PiYo would be a VERY beneficial work out for you as it will help to increase your upper body strength as well as improve your balance and flexibility. If you are interested in learning to teach PiYo, you can learn more about it here

      After years of lifting weights and doing high impact cardio, I have now made PiYo my primary workout. It’s much easier on my knees and back while still providing a very challenging workout.

      • That’s very helpful, thank you! It confirms my suspicion that PiYo is probably very similar to Yogalates, which is offered by my local park district (just a difference of brand names!). I really like the instructor at my gym but will probably switch over to the more economical park district version when my current membership expires. Thanks!

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