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Fall off the wagon?

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Let me give you a hand up.

So, let me guess; you finally got it together to exercise. You had a good thing going, were starting to see results and then you got sick, busy, depressed, etc., let the whole thing go and now you’re discouraged and mad at yourself?  Yep, I’ve been there.

I began my journey into fitness almost ten years ago.  I’ve fallen off the wagon many times. The good news is that I’ve learned some things along the way.

The solution is very simple and it’s all to do with your thinking.

When you beat yourself up and indulge in negative thinking, you push your goal farther away, so don’t do it.  Don’t tell yourself that you’re a failure and don’t listen to your own excuses.  If you hear your brain saying things like “I’m tired, I’m sick, I’m busy, this workout is too hard”, take control of the situation and tell those voices to shut up.  I’m serious, tell that naysayer to put a lid on it.  That voice is fear and what it’s really saying is “if you don’t try,  no one will see you fail”.  That is probably the single most damaging thing you could say to yourself.

What to do instead? Get up off that couch, change into your workout clothes and start again.  It doesn’t matter if you have to go a little slower, lift a little less, not push quite as hard as you once did.  What matters is that you get up and do the workout.  When it’s over, pat yourself on the back.  Learn to be your own source of positive reinforcement.

Let’s not over complicate things.  It really is that simple.

Author: DeAnna Dimmitt

ACE certified Personal Trainer. Yoga Fusion, PiYo, Dynamic Body Sculpt and T'ai Chi instructor.

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