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Look HOT in your wedding dress!

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Being both a wedding photographer and a fitness coach, the one question I hear more than any other is: What can I do to look great in my wedding dress?
Most women have three main areas of concern, they are: Arms, Abs and Thighs.  I will teach you to work out in a way that specifically targets all of these areas.  You don’t need weights, fancy clothes, expensive shoes or any gym equipment.  All you need is a yoga mat and a commitment to improve your health and physical condition!

What is it?

PiYo is all about strength training and core conditioning for people who want to sweat their way to sculpted abdominals, toned arms, increased core strength and greater stability!

It’s the perfect fusion of strength building, rhythmic movement and power with a foundation in Pilates and yoga. You will burn calories while transforming your body.

PiYo includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced, so either way, you will get results!  Participants can expect a dynamic class structured around powerful movements, strength and flexibility training, and all in an upbeat positive atmosphere with high energy music.

Author: DeAnna Dimmitt

ACE certified Personal Trainer. Yoga Fusion, PiYo, Dynamic Body Sculpt and T'ai Chi instructor.

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