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What is Piyo?

“What’s that thing that you teach?”  I get asked this question a lot and I’m always happy to answer it because it means that people are interested in learning about fitness and PiYo.  So what is it?

PiYo is all about strength training and core conditioning for people who want to sweat their way to sculpted abdominals, increased core strength and greater stability! It’s the perfect fusion of strength building, rhythmic movement and power with a foundation in Pilates and yoga that burns calories while transforming the body. It includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced, either way, you will get results!  Participants can expect a dynamic class structured around powerful movements, strength and flexibility training, and all in a positive atmosphere with high energy music.  My strategic design results in a class unlike any you’ve tried before.
Ignite your passion for fitness with PiYo!